Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In Honor of HIVE 4: New Banner Art Contest!

Four is a significant number, right? Four is the number of fingers you have on your hand if you put down your thumb. It's the number of doors that cars have (except when there's only two). It's the number of black eyes I've given to various ne'er-do-wells in my lengthy tenure as Grimalkin Press Substitute Editor (this is a tough biz, I'm finding). It's the number of rotten apples sitting in my fridge right now. And, most importantly, it is the number of HIVES that Grimalkin Press has released onto an unsuspecting world! [Unfortunately, most of the world is still unsuspecting, even now that our release date has passed -- I wish they'd get suspicious and visit our Etsy store...]

In honor of this milestone, Grimalkin Press is holding a contest to design the banner for this very blog! If we like it enough and you give us permission, we might even adopt it as our official logo! We're calling this contest...


It's pretty easy. Just draw something in a general banner-art size, make sure it says "Grimalkin Press" somewhere. Color, B&W, whatevs. Email it to me at by July 1.

Also, you might want to keep in mind that a tiny but significant percentage of our visitors also happen to be international Shakespeare scholars and know what the word "grimalkin" you might want to look that word up before you go sendin' us pictures of elephants and stuff.

Can't wait to see your submissions!


P.S. Back when he originally posted this, Jordan promised schwag to the winner. I don't know what he was thinking that would be, as the only thing I own is four rotten apples. Mayhaps a free copy of a back issue of HIVE? Or homemade apple pie?


  1. How about a hot date with the editor?

  2. hmm, depends what's in it for the editor. are you an eccentric millionaire looking to bestow your inheritance upon a worthy entity?

  3. yes, no, and yes. What about the substitute?

  4. Yeah we only had one submission for the first contest which of course ruins the "contest" part -Jordan

  5. Do the un-winners get black eyes? I'm nervous.

  6. no, all contestants will have immunity. :)

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