Monday, January 21, 2013

Grimalkin Press publishes Phil Mcandrew's Debut book!

Hail and well met faithful mendicants of printed art! We are gathered here today to unleash announce that the much rumored ascendance of Phil McAndrew is at hand! All the signs and portents have led us to this annunciation!

WE WILL BE PUBLISHING "Crying in Front of Your Dog and Other Stories" by Phil McAndrew EARLY SECOND QUARTER 2013!

McAndrew is an artist that we have admired for quite some time and we are giddy with the chance to put his ideas and vision into ink and paper.  His art comes from the illustrative tradition of Searle and Steadman.

Crying in Front of Your Dog is  over 200 pages of new and collected stories about life, death, love, ghosts, cats, time travel, humans, literature, fear, magic, evil organizations, happiness, television, secrets, dogs, loneliness, house plants, ancient dark rituals, pizza, failure, power, money, nature, government conspiracies, regret, the internet, horrifying monsters, awful jobs, wizards, the ocean, aliens, dads, kissing, crying and teeth.

We will be collecting ALL of Phil's previous never to be reprinted work as well as over a hundred pages of new material! We're pulling out all the stops and nerding it up on the print front. French flaps, heavy offset vellum paper, patterned interior covers! We're all a'twitch just thinking about it.

Also we've decided to offer a limited edition, available ONLY with presale orders print for those who reserve a copy now! 

We plan to debut the book at TCAF 2013.