Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hive News

News from the printing front.

The faithful mendicants here at Grimalkin Press have been busy spreading the good news of Hive and we are happy to report that the first printing (and most of a second) of Hive: A Somewhat Quarterly Comics Journal have flown off the shelves.

The next issue should be out in the first part of July and will feature the work of

Jeffrey Brown (Eisner Award Winner)
Chris Mostyn
J.M. Shiveley
Mark Leicht
Thomas Beard
Jon Freihoffer
Kyle Jeffries
Lauryl Wagoner
Wayne Wells

and tentatively

J.W. Cotter
Shawn Cheng

It looks like it will be clocking in somewhere around a hefty 150 pages and be perfect bound sporting brand spanking new limited edition and numbered linocut covers by the talented Chris Mostyn.

We are still accepting submissions for the July issue with the deadline being Mid Mayish.

As always we love hearing from you so drop us a line or come by and sit on the porch a spell . . . we'll provide lemonade and small talk.

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