Thursday, June 25, 2009

HIVE NUMBER TWO release party!

Okay great news! We are having a release party for HIVE NUMBER TWO on July 3rd at The Coffee Ethic in downtown Springfield. The new issue looks great. It sports a limited edition lino cut cover designed by Chris Mostyn and features work from,

Jeffrey Brown (Ignatz Award Winner)
Chris Mostyn
J.M. Shiveley
Mark Leicht
Thomas Beard
Jon Freihofer
Chad R. Woody
Cristina Freihofer
Wayne Wells

So come down and hang out with us! The Coffee Ethic has great single origin coffee and there will be live DJs*!

This issue will cost a pittance**!

*It turns out that while economically preferable we were in Health Code violation with the previous "non-live" DJs
**Ten Dollars

Here are some pictures from the cover pressing

Chris Mostyn Inking his linocut

J.M. Shiveley manning the press

We are now accepting submissions for the October issue.

As always we love hearing from you so drop us a line or just show up on a whim, standing awkwardly with all your luggage when we open the door. We make really good egg sandwiches.

Contact Info:


Old Fashioned but Neato Mail:

Jordan Shiveley
722 S. Jefferson B01
Springfield, MO

You can order copies of HIVE ONE and HIVE TWO by sending $10 + $3 shipping and handling to the above address. Make all checks and money orders payable to Jordan Shiveley.