Saturday, June 4, 2011

We made this with sweaty hands! We breathed on this with our Mouths!

The assembling of HIVE FIVE:

So let's get this tour started...

The cover art was made by the amazing Megan Frauenhoffer and the book design by wunderkind Mark Leicht.

We bought the vellum in parent sheets then cut it down and print on it with a plain old printer. We tried to silk screen on the vellum but it never ended up being consistent enough to trust with a run of five hundred. Pretty expensive paper so we didn't want to be messing up every fifth one or so . . .

Then we bought the paper for the belly bands which fortunately was in a much better weight to be silk screened onto. We cut those parent sheets in half to handle better and got to screening. 

Britt Sabo (Top photo) and Myself (bottom photo) did all the silk screening for this edition

Then  I took the pages over to Open Book and rented studio time to cut them down on the guillotine 

Then I enlisted Curtis Briggs to try and help me fold the dust jackets. Originally I had the insane i dea that the jackets needed four folds. Two for the spine and one for each of the flaps. 

This made Curtis (pictured) swear a LOT and decide to never help me on another paper folding endeavor. It was pretty shitty guys the vellum was cracking (we were using rulers and bone folders) and it wasn't as easy as it would seem to get those spine folds perfect. But then  in a moment of despair I looked over at my bookshelf full of dustjacketed comics and realized I was an IDIOT. Nobody folds along the spine! You just make two folds for the flaps and let that tension hold the cover snug to the spine! FUCK! So I quickly made a little one sheet jig which was really just two lines where I needed to fold the book to get the best fit. So then that part of the book was smooth sailing....

The books on top of the jacket are just to hold it still while folding.

Next is the part that i am still toiling through and gives me bookmaking stress dreams  . . . the belly band. So I decided to use that super thin filmy double sided tape that STICKS TO EVERYTHING BUT WHAT YOU WANT IT TO because I am super smart. Honestly though glue takes too long and all the easier to use tapes just don't stick as well or aren't thin enough to not have the seam be super visible. So yeah . . .I'm still doing the next few steps ad infinitum  . . .


Totally worth it! Feel free to get your own here!


  1. WOW. You, Britt and Curtis are freaking AMAZING.

  2. Really cool to see the process documented. Looks great! Thanks for posting :)

  3. Those looks awesome. Thanks for all your hard work. The photos make me miss being in the printmaking studio.

  4. That cover looks brilliant, very nice design work. Thanks for sharing the making.

  5. Thanks for documenting this, Jordan. I should have totally stopped by when you and Britt were screenprinting. BTW, the book is great. Anyone reading this comment better go and buy this freakin' book!!!

  6. Nice process shots! The book is really great. I love all of the work put into it. Instead of the tape for the belly band, you should try glue dots (, that's what I used for my most recent comic.