Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Slight Change of Pace

So for the past year I've been working two jobs at low pay to subsidize Grimalkin Press. And loved every minute of it. However I want to do more than just put HIVE out. I want to make Grimalkin Press something that can publish small minis for creators without the resources to do it themselves, I'd also not like to continue dodging student loan officers to do so. So I've taken a new job. One that pays a gross amount of money. Basically I will be traveling around nonstop catering movie sets. Which will of course take up all of my time for the foreseeable future. What?! Does this mean Grimalkin Press will disappear?! HELL NO! GRIMALKIN PRESS WILL CONTINUE BETTER THAN EVER. Basically I'm just taking this job to better afford bigger and better books to be put out. I'm installing two compatriots as team members to handle all the day to day business in this transitional phase. I definitely want to remained involved in an editorial facet but for the first few months it will take me a while to figure out the practicality of this with traveling all the time etc. So to repeat:

GRIMALKIN PRESS IS CONTINUING! Just at a different pace and staffing.

HIVE 4 is all ready to go and the bases are covered for getting it out and the rest of the publishing schedule will roll out as the wrinkles in this new set up are ironed out. I'll be posting contact information for the two new members in the next day or so.