Friday, March 26, 2010

Gathering Info For Resource Sections

One of the main ideas that was in my head when I started Grimalkin Press was wanting to help and publish all the beautiful work that languished inside of sketchbooks and seldom visited blogs because of how daunting taking the next step to being published seems to lots of artists. I wanted us to be not just an anthology but an institution that helps and guides artists towards the goals of both self publishing and promoting their work. We don't claim to be experts in the field but we do have kindly avuncular natures and the desire to put the sweat and man hours into your project and see it succeed. We get totally stoked at the idea of your comics getting reviewed and people being able to hold the pictures and words that you worked so hard on.

With that in mind I want to put together a section on this site that is a resource pool of publishers that take unsolicited submissions and sites that will review your work. So when you have a new piece finished you can just come here and go down the list mailing it out to your heart's content. We have a list of places we've compiled just from a year or so of pouring over websites and finding new review blogs, but we'd like YOUR help.  Email us or comment with lists of all the review sites and underground publishers you know about. We'll continue updating the resource sections as we get your intel.

I think the spirit of community that exists within small press comics is one of the greatest strengths of the medium. Okay that's it kids we'll all meet up at the tree house after school!


  1. I think that this is an absolutely commendable project. An absolutely necessary altruistic service for unpublished creators. Bravo!

  2. yes you rock my world.

    thanks for the lift!